Things to do

There’s lots do do in the local area, both on land and on the river.

Activity Ideas

With over 90 years of experience  in running outdoor activities with children and young people, Woodcraft Folk have produced a range of activity packs which are available online.

The Forestry commission have a number of activity guides for different ages

The Woodland Trust also have a huge range of activities suitable for all ages

Geo Caching

There are a number of caches along the local paths, how many can you find during your stay?


The forestry commission have a number of waymarked walks in the local area. They also have printable activity sheets (see family activities) , based on the local trees and wildlife which are ideal to use with groups.

The Wye Valley walk runs through the site.


Canoeing is one of the main attractions of Biblins. We have our own launch point at the upstream end of the site, less than half a mile from Symonds Yat Rapids. Biblins is also a good overnight camp for those canoe camping on the Wye.

We can help you contact local activity providers if you would like to book boats and instructors.


Cycling is permitted on many of the forest roads in the Forest of Dean.  Just across the bridge at Biblins is the Sustrans Peregrine Path that runs form Monmouth to Symonds Yat along the river bank.

Symonds Yat Cycle Trail is just a couple of miles away.

Please note:

Adventurous activities have an element of risk and it is the responsibility of the Group leader/organiser to ensure that their staff/instructors/company have the necessary qualifications, provide a risk assessment, comply with national legislation and the requirements of their own governing body.