Pricing for Groups

Activity Prices

Based on an instructor : Participant ratio of 1:12

  • Full day £320 per instructor
  • Half day £200 per instructor
  • Long half day £260
  • Long day £400
  • Very Long day £520

Additional Charges

Campfires are welcomed in the existing fire pits, please include firewood in your booking.


£10 per night with a maximum charge of £40 per week – please use responsibly

Canoe Launch

Canoe Launch

£2.50 per boat for unlimited launches during residency.



£3 per vehicle per day

Day Visits

Day Visits

A “group day charge” will be made for any group participating in day activities on-site. A price will be agreed upon application but will be based on the space used on site and any support required for the activity.

Exclusive Use

Exclusive use of the entire site can be arranged, for a minimum fee of £2000 per night, £3000 for commercial use