The Burrow is constructed into the slope of the field next to the Bunkhouse and is completely contained within a hedged field. This makes it particularly suitable for groups wanting defined boundaries. All the facilities are self-contained in the building and the doors can be closed securely at night.

View from the back of the burrow. Kitchen leading to a central area with tables and benches. Bunk beds are located down each side.
Front of the burrow, through the trees.

With sleeping accommodation for 19, the burrow is a truly unique place to stay.

The central area is equipped with tables and benches, ready to be used as a dining or activity space.

To the rear is the kitchen area, comprising a sink with cold running water and worktops, with a four-burner inset gas-hob. The wood-burning stove adds a warm homely touch.

To the sides, canvas panels create the bedroom areas, each with bunkbeds. The larger room also has a single bed making access easier for those with limited mobility.

Room 1 – sleeps 2
Room 2 – sleeps 9
Room 3 – sleeps 6
Room 4 – sleeps 2

The burrow has its own spacious toilet with grab rails.

For a truly outdoor experience the whole roof can slide back into the hillside, letting in the sun or giving you a great view on a starry night.

Outside, there’s an enclosed field, ideal for campfires, games and team building activities. The possibilities are endless.