Group leaders are reminded that they are responsible for the safety and well-being of the children and young people in their group at all times.

We expect all groups to have appropriate safeguarding policies and risk assessments in place for the activities undertaken during their stay at Biblins and to provide their own first aid cover.

There are some aspects of the site which users should be aware of before making their booking.

Public Access
There are a number of rights over way through the site, including access to the bridge in the centre of the campsite, which are well used by walkers.

The River Wye
Many of our camping pitches back directly onto the river, while the riverbank is clearly marked, it is not fenced. Groups with young children may prefer to use the burrow with its enclosed play field.

The river is fast moving and not suitable for swimming in. Canoes may launch from the launch on the eastern end of the site.

Phone reception
There is little to no phone reception on site. The nearest reliable reception is in the car park at the top of the hill where you came into the site.

There is a land line telephone in the manager’s accommodation which is available for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

Vehicles on site
Groups are asked to keep driving on site to the absolute minimum needed to arrive/leave site with their group.  There is a speed limit of 10 mile per hour and drivers should be aware that the path through the site is very popular with local walkers as well as being used by other campers.